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ken sager
I hunted Mozambique with Gordon October 2015. I came to take a Cape buffalo and a crocodile.I had a great hunt ,shooting a very nice buffalo on my second day. On my last day ,I took a nice croc, approx. 12 feet long. I came for adventure and I got it!! The main camp accommodations where very nice. Good food and drink. Already thinking about a return.
October 25, 2015 11:03

Scott Perkins

In spite of the monsoon rains that dumped several feet of rainfall during our first 5 days of hunting in Coutada 10/Mozambique, getting the 8wd drive Argo stuck following elephants across the reeds more times than I care to remember, our long night in the swamp when the tracker "did not know his way in the dark", not using the GPS to make tracks in/out of swamp and across the rivers, I had a great hunt! The Roosevelt Sable I took was fabulous and the 2-Cape Buffalo bulls in 2 minutes that Frank and I took just before the clouds opened up was a hunting memory amongst a rain-drenched locker full of memories from that hunt that I'll never forget.

All the best my friend,
Scott Perkins
February 03, 2015 10:57

melissa Lytle
I must apologize to Gordon, for my earlier post of renaming him to Glenn. I was thinking of an Australian Friend
July 18, 2014 18:29

Hugh Lytle
The 4th of July week 2014 was the best I have had the opportunity to spend in many many years. Last deer season as it was getting harder to find places to hunt, my wife Melissa did a search for a Wounded Warrior Safari Hunt and found NHORO Safaris. She did the initial contact getting information and sending the paper work in, then we just waited and were told it may or may not happen. As hard as it has been to find places to hunt, I figured the worse that could happen was that it wouldn't. One day just setting around we got a call and asked if I was still interested. I couldn't have been more ecstatic, I got goose bumps while I was talking to Gordon. This was a dream come true since I was a kid. Thank You Gordon and everyone at the camp for making me welcome, making the delicious meals, the amazing trackers, and everyone that helped.
July 18, 2014 17:26

Brittany Allen
Nhoro Safari provided my father, husband and Myself with an incredible South African hunting experience. From the beginning, the professional and comprehensive handling during the booking process gave us full confidence in Nhoro . The accommodations were top notch, the staff was excellent and we went without nothing during the entire hunt. The game concessions were excellent and the game was plentiful. Our Professional Hunter, Jon, acted as our guide, instructor, colleague and most importantly our friend. I have never laughed as much, learned as much about animals and hunting techniques, or been mesmerized by the stories that Gordon and Jon imparted to us. These guys are top notch Professional Hunters in all aspects. We are already planning our next trip.! Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!!!
June 25, 2014 8:11

Bryant and Jim Davis
In June of 2013 my son and I got to go on the hunting trip of a life time. Jim was given a wounded warrior hunt and I went along with him, this was by far the best hunt we have ever been on, they treated us so good, the food was great and they made you feel like you were right at home, we got to see so much of the country, they showed us just about all the animals there were to see. it was truly breath taking to get so close to the wild animals without being in the zoo.
We both would love to go back in the future to hunt again this time spend more time.
Thanks so much Gordon and Chris and the trackers for a great time Jim and Bryant Davis father and son hunting parteners
January 20, 2014 15:08

Scott Perkins
I just finished my third safari with Gordon Stark of Nhoro

Safaris for Cape Buffalo in Mozambique; and every safari keeps

getting better and more exciting every trip over to the African


My first hunt with Gordon was May 2012, with my good friend,

Frank Fowler, accompanying him on his succesful and very exciting

stalk and hunt for lioness hunt in the Kalahari. That hunt

continued from the Kalahari to the Limpopo district for a plains

game hunt. The concession Gordon operates on in the Limpopo has

outstanding hunting opportunites for Kudu, Gemsbok, Eland,

Impala, and Waterbuck. The concession was a former black and

white rhino breeding ranch and there is a healthy population of

both species that was rewarding to see nearly every day in the


The Limpopo concession offers exceptional, mature bulls of most

every plains game species a person has on his bucket list if the

hunter is patient and takes the opportunitty that the track and

animal offers.

I harvested a very nice older, dark brown waterbuck bull, a

terrific nyala and the Jurassic giraffe bull that the concession

managers wanted off the conceesion as he and another similiar

aged bull (both long past their breeding age) had killed 6 mature

breeding bulls. The waterbuck and nyala are both high Silver SCI


My second hunt was November 2013 back in the Kalahari. My hunting

partner, Frank Fowler, and I were after our male lions. This is a

stalk and shoot type hunt and not for the faint of heart. Most

lion hunting in Africa is done from the saftey of a blind over


The Kalahari hunt is spent driving the 3x9 mile blocks with the

Land Cruisers looking for cat tracks (spoor) in the ever blowing

sand and driving the block to see if the cat has moved through

the block or still in the block. If the tracks indicate the cat

has not left the block, the hunt is on.

Frank was first up on his lion hunt and barely 20 minutes out of

camp the first day we hunted, we cut fresh makle lion tracks.

frank and Gordon followed teh trackers and 20 minutes into the

track spotted a magnificant male watching a small herd of

hartebeest from the shade of acacia trees. The stalked to within

22 yds of the lion who by now fully aware that Frank and Gordon

were in his comfort zone. The 416 Rigby barked as Frank cleanly

killed his first male lion. The lion was fully mature, not in the

pride and has a beautiful Tan and Ginger mane. It scored #37 SCI

overall RSA-Namibia.

We spent the next 3 long days searching the vast concession in

the heat and dust for fresh cat tracks. We cut a few smaller

lioness tracks but no males.

The last morning of the schdeuled hunt we pulled out all the

stops stops and had three sets of PH's and trackers drive the

blocks starting at first light. 2-1/2 hours into the tracking

that morning, one of the crews cut fresh tracks and followed to

freshly killed and consumed young Kudu bull. They drove the block

and confirmed that the cat was still in the block. A few minutes

later the stalk was on and we followed the fresh tracks through

open grass/acacia through very thick sickle bush where we could

literally walk up on a bedded lion. All eyes and rfiles were on

full alert as we pressed on in the pressing heat of the mid-


About 2 hours into the track, we came across a small grove of

acacia trees where the lion had scratched up the sand for a cool

spot to lay down and digest his his Kudu breakfast and continued

on another half mile and found where the lion had entered a large

warthog hole to get out of the heat and away from his

pursurers.We took our first water break of the day and pressed on

with the track another few hundred yards.

The just-made tracks in the soft Kalahari sand indicated we were

bumpihg the lion not far ahead of us. We decided to take another

water break and let the lion find his shade and get settled in

before we continued tracking him. With all 5 rifles resting on

acacia trees, waters bottles were brought out and one of the

PH's, Dons Els, went behind a sicklebush to relieve himself.

Before he unzip his shorts, he rushed back saying "he's right

there". The ... >> full...
October 17, 2013 14:41

Rich Napoli
Have been on many African safaris and this was one of the best. Gordon knows what he's doing. His camp and staff are first rate. Enjoyed everyday and got a nice elephant. Will do it again next year.
August 01, 2013 11:43

Dave Fabrizio
I had the pleasure of hunting with Gordon and his crew back in May. The trip was great! My grandfather came with me and at the age of 72, he never thought he would be in Africa hunting, nor did he ever think in his life hunting in Africa with his grandson. The hunting was incredible, the staff was top notch and the knowledge the p,h;s and trackers have of the animals and area is amazing. The camp and food was the "bush" version of a Hilton suite. I will be returning to hunt with the outfit in the next few years. I will always remember this trip.
July 28, 2013 18:02

Jack Egan
I hunted plains game with Gordan and Juan, both are tremendous PH's. They busted their butts to get my nephew and I great animals. I killed a Gemsbok, Kudu, Warthog and a Impala all trophy animals.
The staff at Nhorro Safaris can't do enough for you no matter what it is.
The camp was very comfortable and the food was good and plenty of it.
The trackers were amazing with their ability to identify animals at long distances in the 300 - 500 yard range with their naked eye.
Lastly there is plenty ow game and Gordon and staff go the extra mile to get you on the animals.
I just returned a few days ago from my hunt , i am planning on returning to hunt with Gordon and Juan in 2015.
Anyone wishing to contact me feel free I can be reached at the phone number below:
Home 610-558-3919 Cell 610-636-7989
June 25, 2013 10:02

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