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Frank Fowler
Scott Perkins and I booked our second hunt with Nhoro in Nov of 2012. We were both in search of male lions and Gordon / Juan came through again. We both managed to kill fantastic mature lions with full manes. I drew the first stalk and shot my lion on the first day and Scott took his a few days after that. It was great going on a hunt with a good friend, especially since we were going for the same species; it was like getting two hunts in for the same price.

I thought my lioness hunt was exciting last year, but the lion hunt surpassed it; I never thought I would stand face to face with a male lion that close. I was glad I had the .416 Rigby instead of the .375 H&H. Thankfully there were no gun malfuntions like last year...that's the kind of excitement that you don't want. My only regret was that I wished I had more vacation to burn.

Cheers... to Good Times and GREAT FRIENDS!!!
January 08, 2013 23:36

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