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Jim D'Antonio
Again I hunted with Gordon this past year and as usual it was the time of my life.I have hunted and shot all of the big four and so much plains game that I have lost count, but I keep going back just to hunt with him and his great trackers.Over the years my wife and I have hunted with Gordon and have become great friends with him and his wife Karen. I have hunted with several other outfitters in both Zimbabwe and South Africa and I have to say that once I started hunting with Gordon I never looked back. He is an honest straight forward PH who knocks himself out to find you the best animals possible.His lodges and tent camps are great. His staff can't do enough for you and his safari camps--all of them-- are teaming with game. Anyone thinking of going on safari could no better than hunting with this gentleman, his PHs, his staff and his different safari camps. Thanks again Gordon for putting me on to more great trophies this past year and for another great hunt.I can't wait for our next hunt together!!
February 16, 2012 11:50

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