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Jeff Stretavski
Gordon and Wayne you both made my trip to Africa a trip of a life time. Both my father and I took some incredible animals. Your staff went to great lengths to ensure that we were comfortable and having a great time. The accommodations and food were above my expectations. Wayne Coetsee is a great PH and I am looking forward to hunting with him again. The professionalism, dedication and persistence of Nhoro Safaris is truly amazing. They will make every effort to ensure that you harvest the animals of your dreams. I was able to take a SCI record book kudu, warthog and also harvested a great Impala. Wayne and I ran into my father and Gordon as they were making their way to the skinning shed after harvesting a great gemsbok. We were all admiring the two large white rhino approximately 75 meters away, when a herd of zebra came in at just over 100 meters. I was a little excited and nervous taking a beautiful zebra with 7 people watching and 2 rhino between us and the zebra. All told my father and I took 7 animals 6 different species. I can honestly say that there is no need to look for any other safari outfitter. Nhoro Safaris is my first last and only choice for hunting the African continent. Thanks Wayne and Gordon.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Jeff Stretavski
May 23, 2010 20:23

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