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Alan Richardson
My first African safari was in 1999 with Gordon and Nhoro Safaris.The experience was unforgettable.Nine years and six safaris later with Gordon and Nhoro Safaris my experience was as good or better than the first.Gordon is an excellent guide and goes out of his way to make your trip a hunt of a lifetime,everytime.The accomadatios were always first class,and the staff treated you like family.The hunting concessions were overwhelmingly aboundant with game ,with many trophies to pursue.To hunt with Gordon is like hunting with a freind,and i am glad to call him "my freind". If you want to contact me for more info please do by email,bigal.thehunter@yahoo.com
September 16, 2008 18:29

Mairead And Michael Comaskey
Last June, following my studies at a university in South Africa, my father and I met up in Jo'burg and stayed in a luxury bed and breakfast with a friends of Gordans. We then continued up to Pietersburg/ Polokwane for the Nhoro hunt.

We were out on our very first afternoon and were fortunate enough to see many many animals. Gordan, Duane, Johannes were excellent guides to point out the trophy animals. In fact Johannes could spot animals with the naked eye better than we could see with binoculars; it was incredible.

Michael-I am happy to say I was able to take home some beautiful trophies, regardless the hunt was a very memorable experience. I would strongly recommend Nhoro Safari's for anyone interested in large trophy plains game.

Mairead- I aggree. I had a fantastic trip and was able to get surprisingly close to magnificant animals. On top of it all the accomodation was excellent we were treated like family with feasts every night. Everyone was very friendly, making me feel comfortable on my first hunt. It is definitely a trip worth taking as many times as you can! Go for it!

-Mairead and Michael Comaskey (Malvern, PA)
September 10, 2008 20:29

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